Koura & Batroun District

Operated by Mohammad Draihi



  • Operating all year round - Subject to weather conditions


  • Kfarhelda Waterfall

  • Walnut River

  • Tannourine Cedars

  • Tannourine River


  • English speaking tour leader

  • Transport in an air-conditioned vehicle

  • Hotel pick up & drop off


  • Entrance into Tannourine cedars

  • Meals and other personal items


  • $150 USD - 1 person

  • $160 USD - 2 people

  • $170 USD - 3 people

This peaceful hike will have your senses heightened and your soul at ease as we travel through the beautiful Koura District. We begin this tour with a two-kilometre walk along the banks of the Walnut river, this river holds great importance to the surrounding people as it brings life to nearby farmlands and gardens. This river also runs through our next stop, the small village of Kfar Helda, otherwise known as Bsetines el-Ossi, this fairy-tale like village holds some of the most mesmerising waterfalls in Lebanon. This blissful location is truly a place filled with beauty only nature could produce, plunging falls immersed by greenery, an unforgettable utopia. The final destination is the Tannourine Cedars, otherwise known as the Hadath Cedars, this two to four kilometre hike takes you through one of the largest and densest cedar forests in Lebanon. The Tannourine Cedars Forest Nature Reserve holds a unique geography and topography formation which has helped shelter the area from excessive tourism, therefore the hiking trails can be rocky and in some parts rather treacherous. However, the benefits of visiting places with little tourist activity is the ability to see your surroundings in all their untouched beauty.