Operated by Mohammad EL-Draihi



  • Operating All year round


  • Old souks

  • Khans Shops

  • Hammams

  • Madrassas (Coranic Schools)

  • Street Food

  • Old Mamluk Mosques

  • Saint Gilles Castle of Tripoli


  • Old Train Station

  • Oscar Niemeyer Fairground

  • Old Mina Streets


  • English speaking tour leader

  • Transport in an air-conditioned vehicle

  • Hotel pick up & drop off


  • Entrance into the Tripoli Citadel (4USD)

  • Meals and other personal items


  • $150 USD - 1 person

  • $160 USD - 2 people

  • $180 UDS - 3 people


Tripoli, Lebanon’s second largest city, provides visitors with a great contrast to the cosmopolitan feel of Beirut. Like many of Lebanon’s coastal cities, it has a long history of conquest, rebuilding, and resilience. However, it is Tripoli’s adherence to a more traditional and slower pace of life that makes this northern city unique.

Tripoli has avoided the commercialization and construction that has defined much of modern Beirut. Its residents know each other by name, and they are far more likely to purchase their morning coffee from the local street vendors than a Starbucks. With its welcoming population, plentiful food vendors, and winding marketplaces, Tripoli has held onto the charm of old Lebanon beautifully.

The city is famous for having the largest Crusader fortress in Lebanon (the Citadel of Raymond de Saint-Gilles), and it has the second largest amount of heritage on earth (behind Cairo).

In our trip, we will visit the old souks of Tripoli and feel the old souls that have once been there, including the old Hammams, beautiful architecture of the mosques, colourful madrassas, and eat from the street food we pass by, also we will talk to some locals and hear their stories. After that we move to visit the saint Gilles citadel of Tripoli, where we will observe a lot of history and see a view of the whole Tripoli city.

Tripoli’s adherence to a more traditional and slower pace of life that makes this northern city unique.

Enjoying the walks in the small alleys, we will move to the colourful alleys of mina, the seaside city, and also visiting the old train station of Tripoli.